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Freya H. Campbell

Shortly after my birth, I died again, and that set the tone for the next twenty-eight years. I have lost two organs, been shot with a bow, hit by a truck, and hacked my body into a better shape with drugs, lasers, and spite. I simply refuse to stop moving.

I'm Freya Campbell, a game developer with a focus on creating and writing narrative-driven games, as well as a fiction writer and general creative tech dabbler. Currently I work for Supermassive Games as a Game Designer. In the past I have also run a Virtual Reality theatre & pop-up screenings, taught VR exhibition best practice, been a recording engineer - for which I have a First Class BA(Hons) from Brighton Uni - a performing musician, and a whole host of other roles.

My games work often features science fiction, horror, and romance, as well as a focus on LGBTQ characters. I count sustainability, the outdoors, and low-tech solutions to the future amongst my influences. Nurturing a healthy distrust of the latest technology, I have a love-hate relationship with computers that makes me good at QA and intuiting problems. I am an advocate for a simpler, leaner internet, as you may be able to tell by this website. I like cooking, growing plants, and bleak places outdoors.

As a generalist in videogames and creative tech at large, I draw on a broad background in numerous blue/white/pink/red/no-collar jobs at unexpected times; I am frequently the team member with duct tape, screwdrivers, cough sweets and a spare USB cable. I have experience in research, venue & team management, logistical and operational planning, and thinking on the fly to solve problems that happen hours or minutes before deadlines, such as technology failure, furniture collapse, or human error. I enjoy solving problems but enjoy predicting them in advance even more.

For enquiries, fan mail, or photos of UFO sightings, you can contact me on twitter @spdrcstl, or using the below email form:

Condensed CV


Over 40 games released since 2016
Experienced in Twine, Bitsy/3D Bitsy, other minor html engines, and HTML/CSS
Medium familiarity with Ink, Unreal Engine, and Ren'Py
Public Speaking & Running Workshops
Management of small (5-11 people) teams
Working under both Agile and Waterfall project environments
Consulting on 360 film / VR experiences
Fiction & non-fiction writing
Music writing & recording (game soundtracks, chart pop, indie rock, and avant-garde music)

Exhibitions and Events

Melbourne Queer Games Festival, 2021 - Winter & A Day Of Maintenance
AdventureX, 2019 - Superlunary Ep. 1
Wordplay, 2019 - The Horizon
National Videogame Museum, July 2019 to Present - Superlunary Ep. 1
Beyond the Console: Gender & Narrative Games, 2019 - The Tower &
The House of God
AdventureX, 2018 - Perseids
Wordplay, 2018 - The Tower
Melbourne Queer Games Festival, 2018 - Perseids


Gold Medal, Melbourne Queer Games Festival 2021 - Winter
Writing & Narrative Design Shortlist, Game Dev Heroes 2021 - Various games
GOTY (Atmosphere), Game Curator 2020 - The Horizon
GOTY (Honourable Mention - Storytelling), Game Curator 2019 - The House of God

Notable Roles

Game Designer @ Supermassive Games
VR Theatre Manager @ Limina Immersive
incl. Encounters Film Festival 2019 and Adelaide Fringe 2020
QA Intern @ SpiritAI
Character Writer @ Event Horizon
Local Government Officer @ ESCC
Running VR/360 Filming Workshops
Recording Engineer
...and dozens of other roles


Limit Break Mentee 2020
Chaos Grant 2020
SWCTN Prototype Funding 2020