Freya Campbell / @spdrcstl


Shortly after my birth, I died again, and that set the tone for the next twenty-six years.

Grew up in rural Sussex, UK. Had dogs and chickens. First job was mucking out a stables. Built a trebuchet once. Spent most of my youth playing music (cello, bass, guitar, piano) and writing (science fiction, poetry, awful songs).

Studied BA Hons in Music Production & Creative Recording at Brighton University (1st Class).

Played bass in a grunge band, a glam rock band, and a heavy metal band. Started my own 2-piece band and recorded like 100 songs in 4 years. Some were pretty good. Currently a solo act.

Moved to Bristol in February 2018. I like it here.


Currently an assistant producer for a VR company, a QA intern for an AI company, a game developer, freelance writer, recording engineer, composer, 360/VR filmographer.

It's possible you've seen my stuff.