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Freya Campbell is an indie game developer, musician, writer, and VR producer.

Her games work has appeared in the National Videogame Museum (UK), the British Library, a conference at the V&A, and events such as AdventureX, Wordplay, and Melbourne Queer Games Festival.

Current Role

I currently work for Supermassive Games as a Game Designer. I started in April 2021 as a Junior Designer, and since then have been promoted to Game Designer, and Strike Team Lead.

Previous Positions

My previous significant role was as Technical Manager for Limina Immersive, a VR exhibition company.

Following freelance work in September 2018, I joined in February 2019 as Assistant Producer, to help set up a VR Cinema in Bristol (the first dedicated VR venue in the UK).
After the launch of this in April I became Theatre Manager, running the venue day-to-day for its 6 month opening period, as well as planning logistics for pop-up events, and the VR wing of Encounters Film Festival 2019 and Adelaide Fringe 2020.

Specific areas of responsibility included the setup and maintenance of a fleet of VR Headsets (predominantly Oculus Go, but also including Oculus Rift on occasion); hiring and management of a small (5-12) pool of contract and freelance staff; planning logistics for events including film file delivery and setup.

Other Past Roles