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To date I've made and released a little over 30 narrative-focused games online, with 5 of them shown at 7 exhibitions. The majority of my games are available Pay-What-You-Want on itchio.

I often work in twine, bitsy, or - most famously - a combination of the two. A few other games use flicksy, bitsy3d, or else custom html frameworks.

Running themes include science fiction, horror, and LGBTQ romance. You can support the development of my future games on Patreon!

Below is a small selection of significant games; for the full list please visit my itch.io page.

10mg: SLASHER, Interrupted (2020)

SLASHER, Interrupted is a 10-minute comedy-horror visual novel I developed together with Dana Holdampf for the 10mg Collection of games. Tell a horror story around a campfire, as yoru friends interject and bicker about your choices!
I was responsible for writing and music, and the final version features a 7,000 word script with 27 unique endings for high replay value.

Available on itch.io and steam.

A Forgetful Loop (2020)

A Forgetful Loop is a time-loop sci-fi worker placement puzzle game that I was hired to do narrative design for. I was responsible for the story scenes, structured as pre- and post- group text segments with some intervals. I also handled charcater barks, tooltip info sections, camera direction, and sections of bonus narrative content delving into the world more.

Purchasable here.

Superlunary (July 2019, in development)

Superlunary is a slow, queer episodic space opera about demilitarisation, rebuilding society after war, and finding love and new family in the cold depths of space. Episode 1 is available online and the next is under development. Built with three small, free games engines plugged into each other.

Currently exhibited in the Lab at the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield. Episode 1 was selected for exhibition at AdventureX 2019.

Playable online or downloadable here.

The Tower Series (July 2018/December 2018/July 2019)

THE TOWER is a game I made in July 2018, originally as a standalone. It is about trans women, tarot, therapy, and alien abduction. It's made in twine, with a mixture of regular illustrations and interactive bitsy illustrations.
"[The Tower] is fucking me up. More intense, moving, and scary than a ten minute Twine game has any right to be."

It was shown at Wordplay 2018 in Toronto, and Beyond the Console: Gender & Narrative Games in London.

Play online

THE HOUSE OF GOD is a sequel I made in December 2018, as a kind of meta-commentary on my own thoughts about the game. It is also about trans women, tarot, and therapy; but also about self-loathing, time loops, and obsession.

Featured in Game Jam Curator's GOTY 2018 list: Honourable Mention for Storytelling, and shown at Beyond the Console: Gender & Narrative Games in London.

Play online

THE HORIZON is the final game in the Tower series, made in July 2019. It is a reframing of the original story, partially from a different protagonist; it is again about trans women, time loops, and finding the strength to confront your own self-loathing. It is made in twine and bitsy meshed together, is exactly 30 minutes long, and continues multiple real photographs and films of fields, partial nudity, and what may be aliens.

Featured in Game Jam Curator's GOTY 2019 list: GOTY for Atmosphere, and shown at Wordplay 2019 in Toronto.

Play online

The End of Decay (June 2020)

The End of Decay is a horror game made in collaboration with Grim Baccaris. It is an epistolary argument / revenge story about multiple histories, banishment and the nature of magick, and the subtle warping of reality around the playe.

Uses a combination of twine, bitsy, and 3d-bitsy, with music & illustrations.

Playable on itchio here

Cryoloop (April 2020)

Cryoloop is a short scifi horror game made for Ludum Dare 46 ("Keep It Alive"). It is a lofi homage to 90s 3d-rendered adventure games, made with twine and 3d-bitsy, in which the player has 60 seconds to navigate a spaceship to save the only survivor, mysteriously locked in a stasis pod...

Scores out of ~5000:
Overall: 556th   Theme: 837th
Fun: 775th   Graphics: 257th
Innovation: 337th   Mood: 166th

Playable on itchio here, and Ludum Dare jam page here.

Perseids, or, All This Will Go On Forever (July 2018)

Perseids, or, All This Will Go On Forever is a linear twine game with internal branching, in which four trans girlfriends go on a roadtrip to a dark sky park to watch the Perseids meteor shower. It has a 5-track soundtrack designed to sound like it's playing from blown car speakers.
"I just want to play it again and be friends with these ladies..."

It was exhibited at AdventureX 2018 in London, and at Melbourne Queer Games Festival.

Playable on itchio here

Zeta Station Has Gone Quiet (June 2018)

Zeta Station Has Gone Quiet was a short scifi game I made for the June Bitsy Jam, on the theme of Space Whales.
"Has a very unique, spooky 'business-as-usual' feel."

Original game has since been developed into a larger project, Superlunary - see above.

Playable on itchio here

Jams Entered

from 2016 to present:

International Love Ultimatum 2 (5 Sleeps Til Dawn); Strawberry Jam (B.U.R.G.); Raining Rainbow Jam (Autumn Leaves); Iyashikei / healing jam (Moon Star); Variety Megajam 2018 (Variety Megajam 2018); Ace Jam (Autumn Leaves II); Manifesto Jam (The Communist Sister Interactive Manifesto); Non-Game Game Jam (Magenta Wiki); Dril Jam (jam host/Oblique Drilagies); Lite Novel Jam 2k18 (Petrol & Writer); Ocean Bitsy Jam (Take the Dog to the Sea); Space Whales Bitsy Jam (Zeta Station Has Gone Quiet); trans gal jam 2 (Perseids); Zine Jam 2018 (It's a Blood Thing); Gothic Novel Jam (The Tower); The Sublime Bitsy Jam (Why Does My Sublime CD Keep Skippin?); Harvest Bitsy Jam (Harvest); TwitsyBoy Jam (P├ępito); Tarot Bitsy Jam (The House of God); Record Collection Jam (The Chosen Priest and Apostle of Infinite Space); Bitsy Mech Jam/Emotional Mecha Jam (Two Smudges in Infrared); Lost Histories Jam (I have always liked sci-fi, anime, and sex); Bitsy Tooth Jam (Terrortoma); Bitsy Bees Jam (Oh, To Be(e) In Love); Bitsy Masks Jam (The Horizon); Bitsy Echo Jam (echoes and other poems); Bitsy Birthday Bash 2: House & Leaves (Corridors); Bitsy Community Secret Santa 2019 (Under A Caustic Snow, I Danced); Bitsy Rat Jam (RATTUS REX: translated fragments); Speculation Jam (First Person Stimulator); Bitsy Isolation Jam (Yours, Remotely); Cryoloop (Ludum Dare 46); Bitsy Trash Jam (Give Me Permission To Shout); Bitsy Cursed Book Jam (The End of Decay)