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First Person Stimulator

First Person Stimulator is a collection of microfiction & essays on imagined videogame futures, including non-violence, low-tech gear, sex games, and socialism. Written for Speculation Jam.

Download Here (external link)

The Last Great Witch

The Last Great Witch is a 6,000 word fantasy short story about trans women in love, and time travel. Written in 2017/2018 and never successfully published, so on here it goes.

Read Online Here

I Have Always Liked Sci-Fi, Anime, and Sex

I Have Always Liked Sci-Fi, Anime, and Sex is a 30-page zine covering a bunch of games, some well known and some not, and personal thoughts about them. Written for Lost Histories Jam.

Download Here (external link)

Petrol & Writer

Petrol & Writer is an illustrated light novel made for Lite Novel Jam in 2018. It's a slow burn disaster lesbian romance set in a tiny english village, it's very gay and the illustrations by Rhino are gorgeous.

Read Online or Download Here (external link)

Calm Futures

Calm Futures was a collection of short Speculative Science Fiction written between 2016-2017. I originally had it up on Amazon, but felt uneasy with using them after a while and took it down. As it's no longer available anywhere else, I've put the whole batch up here for reading, or there's a .mobi file accessible too.

Read Online or Download Here

The Word Cult / In Flesh

The Word Cult and In Flesh were two short stories that were published in a zine of trans women writers, Halseny. The Word Cult is about a cult that worship words, but also about transition and fear. In Flesh is about a lesbian falling in love with a smart home. I'm pretty fond of both.

Read Online or Download Here (external link)